At Home Treatments

If you have heel pain from plantar fasciitis, chances are you won’t need surgery.  About 80% of patients are able to manage their plantar fasciitis with more conservative treatment.  There are even some things you can try at home.

1. First Line Treatments

- Reducing injury to plantar fascia through wearing shoes and orthotics with arch support.

- Stretching of a tight Achilles tendon.

i. Calf stretch – Normal running stretch against a wall.  This will decrease the pull on the plantar fascia.

ii. Stair stretch – Toes on edge of stairs, drop heels. (Count 10, stretch 3-4 times. Repeat throughout day).

iii. Towel stretch – Towel over end of toes prior to getting out of bed and stretching.

- Ice the area: Easiest with pop bottle or water bottle frozen. Place on floor and roll foot over.

- Anti-inflammatory medication: (Motrin 400 – 800 mg every 6-8 hours)